Apple Independent Repair Provider

Smithbyrne Solutions is a certified Apple Independent Repair Provider (IRP). This means that we can now provide you with the option of having genuine Apple parts fitted to your device. Repairs are carried out by Apple trained technicians, using genuine Apple parts, tools and diagnostics, ensuring peace-of-mind.
What is an Apple IRP?

Apple Independent Repair Providers (IRPs) are companies that have gone through a rigorous verification and inspection process by Apple. Our expert technicians have undergone extensive training and completed examinations to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to fix iPhones to Apple’s impeccable standards.

What do we offer?
Previously Apple have not sold original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts to third party repair companies. This means that previously, repair technicians have only had access to aftermarket parts and tools. Now Apple have opened an exclusive program that allows us to repair out-of-warranty devices using Apple software, tools and genuine parts.

Can we still complete 3rd party repairs?
We can still offer the same alternative aftermarket components if the customer chooses. However, these repairs must always meet our continued high repair and quality control standards. Repair parts must also be in accordance with copyright laws regarding any trademarks made on behalf of Apple.

How does being an IRP improve our service?
Our customers who require authentic Apple repairs for their devices will have peace-of-mind knowing we can support and maintain their fleet with a genuine Apple process.

How can you verify our IRP status?
You can verify our status on the Apple Website. Simply click here and search:

Provider Name: Smith Byrne IT LTD
Country/Region: IRELAND

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