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We fix all your computer woes. Everything from virus removal to memory upgrades and cooling problems to wifi issues will be fixed here in our workshop in Gorey. We service both Windows machines and Apple machines. If you have a computer problem that’s bugging you, give us a call today, we may even be able to help you out for free over the phone if it’s something simple.

Virus Removal
Computer running slow from too many viruses? Not a problem, computer virus removal is just one of our many specialties.

Laptop Hardware Repair
Is your laptop running too hot ? it’s important for the fans and the heat sink to be kept clear. We can strip down your laptop and refurbish or replace all cooling components.

Custom PC Builds
We build custom powerful PCs for people who require a specific configuration on their system. Custom builds can up and running in as quick as a working week.

PC Hardware Repair
We upgrade all PC components. Replace graphics cards, memory (RAM), power supplies, system fans and much more.

Software Issues
If you’re having problems running& installing  software, we’re here to help. Many issues can be fixed while you wait. We also give free advice on security and antivirus software.

Wifi Issues
Laptop not connecting to the internet is one of the most common problems we encounter, this is often because wifi issues with the laptop or issues with the home router, both of which we can fix.