There’s been a lot of hysteria in the news lately about the dreaded iPhone error 53, that will brick your phone. Unfortunately what most of these stories are saying is that if you get ANY REPAIR carried out at an independent repair shop, when your phone eventually updates it will give an error 53 and brick your phone. Goodbye photos, good bye everything.


We have known about error 53 for over a year now.

Error 53 is very specific and only relates to iPhone’s from the 6 on wards, and even then it only relates to the touch ID sensor.

If you get your home button replaced on any iPhone from the 6 on wards by an independent repair shop and then update your iPhone , you will get error 53, this will brick your phone and you can say good bye to all your data. So we do not and cannot offer this service.

If you get any other repairs done on any other iPhone , such as the screen etc. you will not get an error 53 so you have nothing to worry about.

Apple are punishing you the customer for not going to them to get your phone fixed. Apple will charge you around €299 for a replacement phone out of warranty but you could get that home button fixed in your local independent store for around €50, if you choose the later Apple punishes you for not going to them in the first place.

At the moment there are several lawsuits starting to emerge against Apple and error 53 as it violates some consumer laws in some countries.

I will be doing a longer and far more in dept blog post about this on our website where you can get all the info on the matter.

Right now all I can say is that it’s perfectly safe to get your phone screen repaired at any reputable independent phone repair store.

This isn’t even self promotion for my business but for the independent industry as a whole, there isn’t even an Apple Store in the Republic of Ireland (and they’ve no plans for one apparently) So you’d have to go to Belfast with your phone.

I’d appreciate it if you could like and share this post in an effor to quell some of the hysteria that is surrounding this issue at the moment.